NEW Non-Invasive Monitor
for Mice

Harvard Apparatus has introduced the NEW MouseOx™ which provides real-time, continuous measurements.

Measurement parameters include Arterial O2 Saturation, Pulse Strength, Breath Rate, Blood Flow and Effort to Breathe.

All these measurements are done via a non-invasive sensor that was specially developed to provide accurate measurements for heart rates up to 900 BPM. 

The MouseOx™ is ideal for monitoring subjects during surgery to prevent hypoxia during surgery and titrate mechanical ventilation.

In addition, the MouseOx™ monitors the depth of anesthesia, titrates supplemental oxygen, sets alarms and monitors in real-time every breath.

The complete system involves animal restrainer, sensor, StarrLink box, and software for data acquisition. 

The software utilizes WinDaq Waveform Browser.  Built-in statistics and filtering capabilities expand the system’s flexibility.  The waveform and real-time data point for each parameter measured is shown on the software. 

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